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Buck's Wrecker Service - Truck Repair

Put Your Trust In Us For Your Vehicle!

Your vehicle and truck repairs should be handled correctly, which is why we have a team of professionals standing by.

Buck's Wrecker Service

Maintain Your Vehicle And Tuck Safety:

Your vehicle or truck will need to be repaired once or maybe even several times within the period of you driving it, which is why we offer a full service facility for vehicle and truck maintenance. Your safety is essential to us and we understand the importance of keeping a fleet of trucks well maintained and on the road.

Service Your Truck With Professionals:

For your benefit, we are equipped to handle complex recovery, coordinating the efforts with a team of professionals.

    • Gas and Diesel engines
    • Trailer Repairs
    • Preventative maintenance for fleets
    • Mobile Road Service for Trucks
    • Drive Train and Suspension
    • Rear Ends and Transmissions
    • Truck and Trailer Brakes